A key to our success in logistics has been to maintain a local presence in our main export markets. In doing so, we gain a better understanding of the trends and conditions in those markets. This enables our clients to combine their insights and observations with our own, giving them an 360 degree view of local market dynamics. Being armed with this well-rounded, industry knowledge, enables Globex International customers to make better and more profitable decisions.


Globex International customers highly value that our logistics team will always secure the fastest transit times at the lowest rates. We know the market conditions, logistics, and regulations in every country, where we do business. Additionally, we ensure that every shipment is fully documented, and that each and every piece of protein is supervised along its journey, from production to the dinner table.


From the farm, through the processing plant, onto the trucks, through the freezer, on the boats, and finally at the discharging port — our logistics team ensures that all products are transported quickly and efficiently, so that our customers can reap the highest profits.


Our goal is to create a long-term business relationship, profitable for all involved parties. To achieve that, we are ready to offer great level of service.