Saithe is a fish from the cod family. The fish lives in the North Atlantic Ocean. And the size of the fish is from 60 to 90 cm, and the weight is up to 15 kg.

Fish meat has a very spicy taste, so the fish is in great demand. Very tasty, canned food is also made from fish. Fish also contains many beneficial vitamins.

We supply this fish frozen. You can order fish without a head and gutted. We also deliver this fish as soon as possible.

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Wholesale delivery of frozen fish. We are interested in long-term cooperation with each client and supplier, so here you will find the most professional approach and very high quality products. We deliver frozen food all over the world, and we deliver both by water and in bulk in large quantities. We also have many different products from Atlantic salmon to lobster. And there are many different types of frozen foods, such as fish with a head, fish without a head, fillets, backs, caviar, minced meat and offal.

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